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[White Paper] Teachers & students deserve better tech

Posted by Team Zynstra on Jun 24, 2016 2:39:04 PM


Providing and running an effective ICT infrastructure is a challenge for many schools.  It needs to deliver all the capabilities that pupils need, but it needs to be highly cost effective and easy to run.  It must be ‘always on’, up to date, and well maintained. This is a real financial challenge for all schools, but especially for those of average-size and smaller.

Inevitably, the need to drive down costs exposes weak spots, which largely account for the fact that, according to a recent survey by Classroom Voice, over half of schools are unhappy with their ICT infrastructure. In many cases technical support is provided by infrequent specialist visits and/or by diverting teachers from their core task.

What’s needed is a means of squaring this circle, so that schools of even small size and moderate means can afford the high quality, well maintained infrastructure their students and teachers deserve.

Zynstra Cloud Managed Servers are installed by a trusted partner, managed from the Cloud, and configured closely to the size and requirements of the school. And they’re paid for monthly as a service, at a rate that can scale up or down staying closely in line with pupil numbers. The Zynstra solution cuts a path through ‘this will have to do’, budget-limited ICT infrastructure solutions and offers schools a real and new opportunity to achieve their learning vision.

Download this white paper now for the full detail on How IT Should BE for Education.

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