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On-Demand Webinar: Eliminate Multi-Site IT Complexities

Posted by Team Zynstra on Apr 26, 2016 1:11:47 PM


Struggling with a lack of consistency across your organization’s multiple locations?  You are not alone; in our recent webinar, 67% of respondents stated this as their key challenge when managing multi-site IT.

These and many other issues are a continual concern for IT Pros managing IT across dispersed locations.

But where does the IT professional start? How do you detangle the plethora of IT systems and build a new environment that offers standardized IT that is centrally managed whilst also supporting the specific requirements of each site or branch?

In this latest on-demand webinar, Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst at Ovum joins our panel to discuss how IT professionals can overcome the challenges of managing multi-site IT.

We also talk to Zynstra customer Altius and learn how, since adopting Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Servers, the team no longer spend their time firefighting but are now able to plan for future requirements.

Watch the on-demand version here

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