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IT Made Easy with HPE & Zynstra

Posted by Team Zynstra on Dec 8, 2015 9:15:00 AM


On 1st December 2015, Zynstra's CEO Nick East was part of a panel session at HPE Discover alongside McLeod Glass, VP & GM, HPE Tower Servers and SMB Solutions, and Stephen Howe Head of Pre-Sales & Consultancy, Lanmark.

The panel looked at the available choices for IT infrastrucure and how all of this can be made a lot easier, if Hybrid IT is considered.


The following Q&As made up part of the session...

What are your thoughts on cloud adoption for the SMB and the trends you are seeing?
Nick East: "The cloud is enabling business everywhere in the world from SMBs to large Enterprises.  Cloud solutions form a component of nearly all business IT strategies, but are not a panacea.  For good reasons of performance, security, data sovereignty, cost and control most organizations are embracing cloud from a Hybrid point of view – blending the right public and private resources, usually behind their firewalls on premise,  to drive their business.   We saw a gap as most vendors  delivering hybrid solutions are aiming their technology at large enterprises running software in their data centres but actually, if you look at businesses more than half the market is made up of small to medium businesses and in fact, they’re the backbone of most economies. Something like a third of all IT comes from SMB’s and they don’t have a solution to fit. So, with the market embracing Hybrid small to medium businesses didn’t have a solution for that, that comes as a product, so we identified that gap in the market and we addressed the solution and the technology to deliver against it."

What challenges are you seeing in the SMB landscape?
Stephen Howe: "There is a big shift for managed service providers to transition from traditional support to being a business enabler. We are finding that customers want cloud but they also want control and the knowledge of exactly where their data is. More is expected of us than traditional support as our clients want us to make a real difference – gone are the days where IT was once considered as a silent statutory function. There is growing demand for greater flexibility, remote workforce enablement and new cloud application adoption. All of this is no real surprise as SMBs tend to be very forward thinking and agile – they know what they want and are asking us to find new ways to support their requirements. It’s something that traditional IT infrastructures don’t offer and it’s why we have recommended Zynstra’s Cloud Managed Servers. For us, it takes the pain away as all patches and updates are taken care of 24/7 via their Keep Current technology and we can keep an eye on everything via Zynstra’s cloud management monitoring tool. At the end of the day many SMBs still suffer from lack of skilled IT resource on-site so they need IT to ‘just work’.Our time can be then spent on the more valuable strategic projects that can make a greater difference to our clients."

So which of the three options are right for you:

  1. All "On-Premises" which requires larger upfront investment and a long implementation cycle.
  2. A do-it-yourself custom integration of your on-premise and public cloud resources, which requires reduces your up front investment but puts the onus on you to keep the lights on.
  3. The "Best of Both Worlds” combination of private and public, where your private solution is delivered as an on-premise service, integrates itself to the public cloud services required, and is available for you to manage and control online

So how do you make IT easy? Opt for the Best of Both worlds. To find out more:

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