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How Toy Maker Re:Creation Future-proofed their Branch IT - Zynstra

Posted by Team Zynstra on Feb 17, 2017 11:00:00 AM


Re:Creation is a provider of innovative toys and children's lifestyle products across the UK and Ireland. In addition, Re:Creation also supply distributors with inventory, as well as develop their own intellectual property. Their aim is to seek out innovation and originality wherever it may emerge, identifying new products and brands from around the world that can bring to retail companies exciting, on-trend merchandise for short, medium and long-term sales opportunities. Like many retailers, they were struggling to find a system that could keep up with the numerous demands of the modern omnichannel business.

The Issue with outdated hardware  

While Re:Creation is an innovative, forward thinking company, their servers left much to be desired. The aging hardware was not only failing the staff at regular intervals, but it also lacked the versatility that one needs to run branch IT across multiple locations. Employees were unable to access business critical data and the IT team were having to continually troubleshoot issues, rather than spend time focusing on implementing an IT strategy to accommodate the growth of the business. Backing up data proved to be just as demanding, and was factored as a significant weakness in the event of a disaster recovery situation.  

Re:Creation decided that it would be prudent to invest in a future-proof system that scales with their business, freeing their staff to focus on expansion rather than maintenance. Solsis, who were working with Re:Creation to improve their IT infrastructure, recommended Zynstra – the hybrid IT platform that offers both the flexibility and scalability of the Cloud with the security and sovereignty of on-premise servers.  

Since switching to Zynstra, the company has made great progress:  

“Prior to Zynstra we were having to continuously fire fight performance issues and downtime, impacting both business operations and our internal credibility. We now enjoy high performing, reliable IT that is backed up, in our control, at a predictable cost, with a partner we trust and using technology that we have complete confidence in.”  

Sailesh Makwana, IT & Operations Engineer 

High performance IT  
Re:Creation now have reliable, high performing IT and have solved all their previous downtime issues. They have complete peace of mind in IT, backup, service and know exactly what it will cost each month, allowing for more accurate budgeting towards future projects.  

Reliable, secure backup  
Zynstra covers the backing and restoring of data in a secure digital environment, giving Re:Creation's IT team one less chore to deal with. This has also dramatically decreased the number of issues that arise from human error when backing up data.  

Control, transparency & reporting  
They now have complete control over where their data resides and can access it at any time, allowing for complete transparency across the business. This has improved communication and they now have complete confidence in both the solution and service they receive.  

Hassle free IT  
Thanks to Zynstra’s automation the IT team has been released from the day-to-day grind of manual patching and maintenance and can now focus on driving real value for the business. It has also facilitated greater co-operation within the team as each IT member no longer faces a stream of IT complaints from colleagues. 

Communication & collaboration  
Previously there were periods when users were unable to access important files and data. Now staff members can easily access whatever they need, whenever they need it and wherever they are, improving both communication and collaboration.  

Excellent customer service  
When there is the occasional issue, Re:Creation found that Zynstra's support team could resolve any issue with minimal disruption. 

The increasing need for scalable branch IT for omnichannel retail 

The challenges for IT are on the rise, with an increasing demand for the ability to provide a scalable system that caters to both staff members and customers alike. This is why it's important to choose a system that both scales and future proofs your business, allowing your staff to focus on providing a consistent customer experience. 


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