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Eliminate multi-site IT complexity

Posted by Team Zynstra on Mar 30, 2016 12:43:48 PM


Managing a multi-site IT environment can be a real headache, spiralling management costs, performance issues and the inability to adopt new technology are just a few of the problems that multi-site companies face every day. However, solving these challenges is fundamental to the business success of distributed organizations.

“We’re growing fast, both in the UK and overseas, so we needed an office IT solution that is easy and supports our expansion plans. Zynstra has helped us to achieve consistency internally and free up our time to work on other more strategic projects." Jonathan Howell, CTO at Made.com

So where does the IT professional start? How do you detangle the plethora of IT systems and build a new environment that offers standardized IT that is centrally managed whilst also supporting the specific requirements of each site or branch?

In the recent past, the IT Pro that has rightly chosen a cloud-first strategy has struggled to articulate a branch strategy that is consistent with the cloud. They have had to compromise between infrastructure considerations and application development.

The ideal strategy for the IT Pro of a multisite business should be cloud everywhere: cloud-first for centralised applications with cloud-managed servers on the edge. This fundamental shift in cost-effective, high-functionality, small-site IT delivered by cloud-managed servers is a game-changer in the world of branch IT. In the future, this approach for delivering complex local application capability without a corresponding complex IT infrastructure will be the norm.

“We wanted to control our costs and deliver a consistent IT experience across our international sites. The Zynstra solution allows us to deliver the IT our branches need, with centralized control.” Tim Newton, IT & Systems Manager at Tristel

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