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A higher impact approach to IT investment.

Posted by Team Zynstra on Feb 9, 2016 1:50:42 PM


The pressure to deliver an IT infrastructure that truly impacts the performance of the business is growing stronger. It’s not just about enabling your employees to access the tools where they want and when they want, it’s about finding the right IT strategy that delivers higher productivity, maximum efficiencies and most importantly, provides an agile platform for you to take advantage of the latest applications without it impacting your existing IT infrastructure.

So we have invited distinguished analyst Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics to participate in a webinar, titled ‘A higher impact approach to IT investment , that will focus on some of the key ideas that you should consider in order to make a real difference to your business. Whether you are a business leader or an IT professional this webinar is designed to challenge your current thoughts on how IT can deliver business value, drawing your attention to the simple fact that there are small changes you can make, that need not be onerous to implement within your existing infrastructure, but can make a significant impact.

Everyone has a pain point
The starting point for all businesses and their IT teams is identifying where the barriers are to delivering greater value. Every business has a pain point somewhere within their IT infrastructure. We deal with this every day and it ranges from out of date IT equipment, unreliable performance from inconsistent systems, servers that require replacement, the inability to adopt the latest cloud applications due to legacy applications, inefficient management of remote office IT, data sovereignty issues, poor quality connectivity and expensive networking solutions. Whatever pain point you have that potentially stops you and your business moving forward, there are now small changes that can be made that significantly reduce the costs of IT and free up your time to focus on adding value to the business via delivering more innovative IT capabilities.

The flexibility of the cloud with the control of local IT
Small and medium size businesses (SMB) understand the value of innovative new cloud apps and the SaaS economic model so they are keen to explore this route. But most also need some IT on their site, for reasons ranging from the simple need for secure access to the cloud, to the need to run applications and store sensitive data locally. In order to achieve this the preferred option is to transition to a more flexible IT solution – the security and control of local IT with the economics and flexibility of the cloud. This is Hybrid IT  - and it can be delivered on a game changing “as a service” contract, so no more upfront fixed costs for IT solutions that you may never need. This type of hybrid IT environment is the most cost and resource effective option available, enabling SMBs to keep control of their data.

The impact of being able to have IT ‘on-demand’ means you can scale up or down depending on your requirements – why pay now for applications, be it cloud or on-premises, that you don’t require until later? Businesses want the flexibility of retaining core IT on-site while seamlessly integrating with popular cloud applications such as Office 365, Azure or AWS. This flexible approach has been the preserve of the larger enterprise organizations due to their increased resources, but now SMBs can benefit from the same approach and in a very agile manner.

Register for our Webinar to learn how you can make an impact through IT
If you’re currently experiencing high costs and less than optimal IT service levels, a big contributing factor is likely to be your systems falling behind, and whoever is looking after your IT infrastructure having to spend excessive time on administration and day-to-day firefighting.

So register for our forthcoming webinar on 24 February 2016 to learn how it doesn’t take too much change in order to embrace the flexibility and scale of cloud technology for some workloads, while keeping others on-premises for greater control and customization. Our role is to bring you hybrid with a simple solution that allows you to maintain what’s already working for you, while adding capabilities you need to succeed today, and into the future.

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