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A cloud-first strategy is not a cloud-only strategy

Posted by Team Zynstra on Jul 14, 2016 3:32:06 PM


The per-capita cost of supporting remote branch IT is historically much higher than that associated with co-located infrastructures. This increased cost arises from the cost of the time and travel needed to get to these remote sites if on-site support is required. This cost is further increased if sites are distributed internationally.

In addition, if untrained local staff are required to perform any IT activity, or choose to do so on their own, the opportunity for mistakes and expensive fixes increases greatly. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to keep on top of changes that might have been made locally.

Many organizations have addressed these challenges by operating a cloud-first strategy, which affords many benefits, including a reduced emphasis on infrastructure and a greater focus on application and business process.

However, a cloud-first strategy is not a cloud-only strategy.

Many of the new and innovative applications (as well as most legacy ones) require IT infrastructure on the remote site. Consequently, although the public cloud has a significant role to play in branch IT, it does not support some of the most demanding business requirements of the distributed organization. This may feel somewhat ironic after all the effort spent to remove servers or reduce their footprint.

However, this is fuelling demand for locally deployed advanced business applications and data storage. The challenge is to deliver state-of-the-art, often complex and usually dynamic IT to remote sites without the need for expensive on-site expertise, or without over-taxing already stretched centralized IT resources.

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