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The move away from traditional servers

Posted by James Pullen, Director of Product Managment on Oct 22, 2015 10:46:09 AM


OK, let’s be honest. You need a server but don’t want one. Servers can be a pain to manage, particularly if you’re responsible for the IT for small to medium business, or for a growing number of branches or sites, and don’t have the luxury of local IT expertise. But servers do really important things, and your business would grind to a halt if it ceased to function. And this just increases the pressure for a reliable, secure and always available server environment. Just keeping the IT lights on can become an all-consuming task, using up whatever IT resource you have.

What’s needed is a new type of server. The solution is a local server that delivers all of the required on-site functionality, integrated and managed through the cloud, providing the control that an IT professionals needs, with the flexibility of cloud pricing models, and future ready for any foreseeable cloud or on-site expansion.

Hybrid IT as a service makes this possible. It’s a proper server on your site, but delivered as a service for a simple and predictable monthly fee, including the hardware, software, and management. And it’s kept always up to date, avoiding expensive upgrades, and drastically reducing the cost of your infrastructure.

So if you are buying a server in the near future go and check out our guide to replacing your server. 

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