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New Year’s Resolution Ideas for IT Professionals

Posted by Ifan Kaldain on Jan 10, 2017 2:20:29 PM
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You’ve survived the first week of 2017. You patched up the server issues that cropped up over the holiday period, and now you can take a quick breather to reflect on what the next 12 months have in store for you. One question that might be popping into your head is: ‘how do I want to do things differently this year?’ The holiday season is a good time to reflect on how content one is with one’s career on a day-to-day level, and how improvements can be made in the coming year. While you can find reams of material for how to achieve that in the general sense, there’s a shortage of ideas specifically aimed at IT professionals.

Below is a list of ideas for your IT New Year’s resolutions. And while we all know New Year’s Resolutions can be tough to achieve, we also know that if we don’t plan to make things better, nothing ever changes. Find a way to:



1. Spend less time fixing constant issues

As an IT professional, you likely spend most of your time patching up issues that crop up across your business. It can be a real juggling act, keeping the various servers and programs running across the many offices/branches of your business.

Getting bogged down in a perpetual state of troubleshooting, dealing with frustrated colleagues, is a big pain-point for IT professionals.

2. Spend less time updating programs

Your business uses a variety – or a ‘patchwork quilt’ if you will - of software packages, and they all need updating at various intervals. On top of that, with each update comes a slew of bugs, data anomalies and tickets from colleagues.

3. Rely less on the cloud

There was a time when the Cloud was the coup de grace of the IT world; it simplified processes and facilitated multi-site collaboration. Those days, however, are behind us, as many IT Professionals are beginning to see the drawbacks of relying exclusively on cloud-based solutions, as is often the case when putting all your eggs in one basket.

4. Focus more on innovation than troubleshooting

You read up on what other businesses are doing to innovate their customer experience, such as Amazon Go, and you sigh; for you know that you could be coming up with brilliant ideas to innovate your business. The problem is that you never have time, which is a shame because this is what excites you: designing and implementing new systems that can make people’s live easier whilst saving costs for your employer; something that will have colleagues praising your name for months.

Complete your goals

While most people use resolutions as a mental loophole to not improve one’s self - with the standard: 1) make resolution 2) put it off 3) forget about the resolution – some do take their resolutions very

seriously. The question, however, is how does one meet the resolutions above? The solution is Zynstra’s cloud managed server solution.

Zynstra provides a consistent, hyper converged approach to your business, automating the updating process for software packages while taking care of any potential bugs. This effectively takes the majority of the grunt work out of your schedule, allowing you to focus your time on more rewarding, and forward thinking projects that make a real business impact.

Find out more about how Zynstra’s hybrid IT solution can make 2017 a great year for your IT.

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