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Forget about cloud v on-premises. Discover a ‘Third Way’.

Posted by Brian Buggy, VP Products on Nov 24, 2015 2:44:16 PM


The pressure to adopt modern IT environments that act as an ‘enabler’ to businesses are significant. Gone are the days where IT is viewed as a necessary expense with no consideration to how it can help to drive the business forward.

 The pressure for cloud adoption

The way in which we consume IT is moving fast and businesses need to adapt. Demands around mobile technology, sharing and collaboration, and remote access all present a significant challenge. Today you need to support all of these securely, while also ensuring access to data at all times.

 This pressure normally accelerates the discussion around the need for cloud applications and whether they can co-exist with legacy applications or replace them entirely. No one wants to go through an expensive and complex modernization exercise, so there is a real need to find a solution that doesn’t force you to agonise over a choice of cloud or on-premises. So why not consider Hybrid IT as a Service, the ‘third way’?

 Hybrid IT as a Service – ‘The Third Way’

This approach provides you with economics of the cloud but the security of                  on-premises. Indeed it could well represent a better fit for both your shorter and longer term needs. It also provides you with the opportunity to dip your toes in the cloud application market rather than taking an ‘all in’ approach. Lets’ face it, cloud promises to help, but services often come with caveats and constraints.

 Many businesses are now seeking a ‘just enough on-site’ approach to IT in order to define new ways to reduce cost and complexity within their existing infrastructure. Hybrid IT as a Service allows you to do this via a Cloud Managed Server Appliance that essentially delivers all your IT in a box. So you can have the priority IT applications that many businesses still want to remain on-premises – Active Directory, Networking services, File & Print Services, Security and Firewall, while also having the flexibility to select cloud applications to suit your business requirements. You also benefit from a Cloud Management Platform which means that you don’t have to worry about service upgrades and patches like conventional servers. It’s all taken care of for you so consider it as ‘worry free IT’.

 How is it configured?

From an architectural perspective, your servers, storage and software platform stack reside on site, along with as much of your data as you choose. The difference is that the service provider pre-integrates everything and delivers it as a total platform solution that has been specified, sized and pre-configured according to your requirements. Tools and mechanisms are included in the platform that hook into cloud storage services for backup and disaster recovery purposes and all data is encrypted before it leaves your network. This means you get the advantages of inexpensive, convenient, long-term cloud-based secondary storage, but without most of the security and privacy concerns.

Perhaps the most attractive part is the ‘as a service’ cloud based financial model. These days we are used to paying for what we need now and not having to commit to upfront capital costs for the future. This is the finance model that makes the bean counters happy and the IT teams heroes. So the fact that you can pay for all your IT on a predictable monthly fee basis provides you with the flexibility to defer costs to other areas of the business in order to maximise performance. 

 So don’t let these debates drag on agonising over on-premises or cloud. Why not consider the Third Way’.


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